Emmalisa Tilli’s Wellness Entrepreneur Goals and Mission and Vision.

Welcome to my Health and Wellness Personal Blog where I share all my favourite clean and healthy recipes, and smoothies, and just everything health, from fitness like yoga to creating your own delicious healthy smoothie! So have a look around and I hope you like what you see!

GOAL for January: Set out a business plan for an entrepeneurial business as a Wellpreneur and create a Growth Plan.

VISION: To inspire and create a better healthier life for people by providing supplements, vitamins and powders and connect with those people to understand the benefits of herbal, and alternative medicines in those supplements.

Latest from the Blog

My First Daily Food Plan

So, I thought that I would do some sort of Food Dairy that I can share throughout the day or weekly, and I thought I would start today! I feel so motivated to eat more healthier, make sure what I am eating is affecting and reaping the great benefits of a healthier lifestyle. I amContinue reading “My First Daily Food Plan”

My Healthy Morning Routine

So, this morning I uploaded a YOUTUBE VIDEO of My Healthy Morning Routine Part 1, and My Healthy Morning Routine Part 2 with me showcasing the vitamins and supplements I take every morning and day and night. Like I said in the video I took a shower and washed my hair, and showed in theContinue reading “My Healthy Morning Routine”

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